A Message From The Chairman

Welcome to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia’s Official Website.

Canada has always been widely recognized as one of the most respected countries in the world. Known for its reliable financial services, its breathtaking landscapes, and the kindness of its inhabitants, Canada is synonymous with stability, respect, openness and trust. With the support of all my fellow board members, it was my privilege and honor to accept the challenge as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CanCham) in early 2019 and to lead the team to create a Canadian presence here in Cambodia, helping our entrepreneurs from every province in Canada, in our two officials languages.

2020 is a bizarre year and a somewhat tough one for all of us, wherever we are on the planet. This is why we just decided to double down on our activities here in Cambodia, as the timing feels ripe for positive change and renewed inspiration. To kick off this exciting era, we are pleased to announce the moving of our headquarters to the beautiful villa of KhmerDev, just a few doors down from the Royal Palace, in one of Phnom Penh’s most vibrant areas.

Without a doubt, Cambodia, with its young population and its growing economy at more than 7% a year over the last decade, is a place of choice to create and run a business or build a presence for your products or services in South Asia. Even during this COVID19 era, Cambodia has an enviable position in this new world to directly benefit from South-East Asia’s impressive economic recovery.

I want to invite you to join us in the many activities we are about to organize and host during the coming years. Our mission going forward is to raise the profile of Canada and that of Canadian businesses in Cambodia so that we can all kickoff 2022 with renewed optimism and boundless energy. We are therefore eager to get in touch with all newly settled Canadian residents and firms are proud to provide a space for networking amongst fellow Canadian and Multi-nationals doing business in Cambodia. To all our entrepreneur friends and contacts: we can’t wait to meet you. Let’s create value and goodwill together in this very special part of the world, where opportunities abound and where anything and everything is possible.

CanCham Cambodia is also focused on increasing the visibility of Canada and Canadian businesses, not only in Cambodia but in the greater region of South-East Asia as a whole. To connect with other Canadian Chambers of Commerce in the region, we have provided a Directory of contacts here on our website.

We want to thank our Core Sponsors for 2020: ABA Bank/National Bank of Canada, Dara Hotels, the Canadian International School of Phnom Penh (CIS) and KhmerDev. The engagement from our Core Sponsors has been the backbone for the organization to flourish, develop and put strategies into action.

As a membership-based organization, we are continually looking for new members, both individual and corporate, to join the Chamber.

We anticipate a steady growth rate in membership this year with plans to serve you better by providing exclusive benefits to our members and enhancing the presence and impact of CanCham for the business community in Cambodia.

Membership referrals are welcome for our team to follow-up on. If you have any feedback on any aspect of the organization, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We look forward to establishing and building upon a robust Canadian business community in Cambodia and thereby enhancing the bilateral relationship between Cambodia and Canada for the years to come.

black and white portrait of frederic proulx, chairman

Frédéric Proulx
Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia